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Is the Calibration curve achievable as a Polinomial Approximation?
What Resolution can i achieve with the Sitek calibration report?
What is meant by "fall-off parameter"?
Can you clarify what is meant by "saturation and recovery"?
What are some typical applications of the 2L2UV device?
Is it possible to apply a 2D position detector for alfa particles?
What kind of steps do you take to control thermal drift? Are the PSDs cooled in any kind of way?
What is the maximum power density for a 2L4 sensor (laser diode 670 nm focused in a small spot)?
Can SiTek provide non-lineair calibration reports with each PSD?
Where are the bias voltages applied and what are the allowable voltage ranges?
What are the real directions of current flow in a 4 terminal duolateral PSD?
How much bias can your detectors withstand?
What is the resistance between the electrodes on the front and backside of a detector?
What is the resistance between the electrodes on each side of the two dimensional detector?
Can you measure the position of a dark spot on a light background with a PSD?

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