Worthy of Credit
SiTek is proud to announce that for the 4th year running, it has been awarded the Dun & Bradstreet AAA certificate for highest credit worthiness. Our financial strength and liquidity have been recognised once again by D&B, who hold information on the creditworthiness of 70 million companies worldwide. Less than 5% of the 260 000 incorporated companies in Sweden receive the award and SiTek is one of them. The D&B Credit Rating is built up around an estimate of the 4 following fields: Fundamental Data, Ownership, Economy, Payments. Under each of the above mentioned fields a number of partial-elements are valued. This determines the final credit rating and the maximum credit recommended. To achieve an AAA-credit rating, SiTek showed that it has a solid economy, stable managment and a good ability to comply with actual payment obligations. Only a few companies go through the eye of the needle!

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