Custom designed interconnects

Even though the DIL (Dual-In-Line) and SMD (Surface Mount Device) pad interconnects used on SiTek’s standard devices are by far the most common type of interconnects for PSDs, there are many other possibilities.

Due to SiTek’s in-house design capabilities and our close relations with our package suppliers we have a great possibility to custom design the PSD interconnects to fit every need.

The number of different pin designs is huge and instead of the DIL pins used on our standard devices it is for example possible to use DIL pins with another length, different placement, different pitch or different standoff (distance between the substrate and the PCB). The later also makes it possible to place other devices under the PSD. It is also possible to replace the DIL pins with J-shaped or gull-wing type pins for SMD mount.

The choice of connector could also greatly simplify the design of the complete system, for example, the use of SIL (Single In-Line) or ZIL (Zig-zag In-Line) pins makes it possible to mount the PSD vertically on the PCB or a substrate with a cable and connector makes the connection/disconnection of the device easy. Hence, by choosing the proper interconnect the PSD system design can be greatly simplified.

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