Co-operation with Mid-Sweden University

Ever since SiTek invented and commercialised the modern PSD 28 years ago we have been known as the leader in PSD development. We have now further intensified our development efforts by starting a cooperation with the Electronics Design Division at Mid-Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden. The Sensor Group at the Electronics Design Division has a long documented experience in silicon detectors, mainly in device and process research but also in electronics and read-out related topics. Their research has during the last couple of years been focused towards growth related technologies and hence research related to radiation detectors in general and especially
PSDs is a perfect match to their profile. The first project, “Innovative sensor technique for industrial applications”, is a two year project sponsored by EU within the 6th framework programme.

Within this project, research on the next generation PSDs will take place and we foresee that it will be the start of a long and fruitful cooperation leading to further developments of the PSD performance as well as new products suitable for both old and new application areas.

For more information please contact SiTeks R&D
Manager Mr. Lundgren, +46-31-3400341

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