On the move.....
One of the key processes in our manufacture of PSDs is ion implantation. Here we create the super homogeneous resistive layers that control the linearity of our devices. For many years we have had our implanter placed at the Chalmers University of Technology of Gothenburg. There are historical reasons for this location: SiTek started at Chalmers some 25 years ago and has since then had close and fruitful cooperation with their Solid State Technology division. Over the years both Chalmers and SiTek have been very successful and the time has now come for Chalmers to build a new semiconductor facility and aquire their own implanter.For SiTek this has been an opportunity to bring "home" the implanter and place it in a clean room built as an addition to the old one. One of the advantages of having the implanter in-house is that it is now available 24 hours a day. It is also easier to give the implanter the care it deserves. As we had to take the machine apart in order to move it we took the opportunity to have an overhaul from ion gun to target. It is now in top shape and will give many years of service in the future.

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