Signal Processing Circuit (SPC)

SiTek SPC-PSD (Signal Processing Circuit)

In order to facilitate the operation of our PSDs, we have developed a dedicated signal processing circuit. All components necessary to obtain the sum and difference signals from a two- or one-dimensional PSD have been concentrated on a 20,5 x 20,5 mm2 thick film substrate.

General information about our
Signal Processing Circuit (SPC) could be found here

1-dimensional SPC-PSD

Part. No Description Active area (mm)
S1-0257 1L2.5_SU74_SPC01 2.5x0.6
S1-0271 1L2,5_SU74_SPC02 2.5x0.6
S1-0231 1L5_SU74_SPC01 5x1
S1-0272 1L5_SU74_SP02 5x1
S1-0222 1L10_SU74_SPC01 10x2
S1-0273 1L10_SU74_SPC02 10x2

2-dimensional SPC-PSD

Part. No Description Active area (mm)
S2-0178 2L2_SU75_SPC01 2x2
S2-0244 2L2_SU75_SP02 2x2
S2-0209 2L4_SU66_SPC01 4x4
S2-0245 2L4_SU66_SP02 4x4
S2-0171 2L10_SU65_SPC01 10x10
S2-0246 2L10_SU65_SP02 10x10