Professor Torkel Wallmark in memorial

Professor Wallmark passed awayearlier this year at the age of 88.

Torkel Wallmark was one of the true pioneers in the field of integrated circuits and semiconductor devices, holding several patents in this field.

In the 50´s he made the first type of Position Sensing Detector out of Germanium with four point shaped Indium contacts. This detector was very non-linear but could be used for feed-back applications.

Professor Wallmark was a driving force in starting SiTek in 1976 when Göran Petersson and Lars-Erik Lindholm (then PhD. students at The Department of Solid State Electronics at Chalmers University of Technology where Professor Wallmark was department head) were developing a new type of PSD, that was to be known as the SiTek PSD.

Professor Wallmark was a member of the SiTek board during the start-up phase and organized with Chalmers University that a formal agreement was written to allow the newborn company to use the Department lab facilities.

His valuable contributions to the technology of PSDs will continue to live and grow into the future with us here at SiTek.

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