Broadened range of SPC-PSDs

SiTeks range of PSDs equipped with attached signal processing circuit, SPCPSDs, are now broadened to include not only the 2L10 PSD but also two of our other 2-dimensional PSDs, 2L2 and 2L4, and three of our 1-dimensional PSDs, 1L2.5, 1L5 and 1L10.

These devices contains all necessary electronics for biasing the PSD and extracting the position information from the photo currents. The SPC-PSD circuitry converts the photo current to voltages using parallel transimpedance amplifier stages,
supplies the bias voltage to the PSD and performs the sum and difference
calculations. All the signals, sum, diff and converted photo currents, are
available as outputs. Furthermore, inputs are available for external offset
compensation of the sum and diff signals.

The use of thick film technology
on ceramic substrate and laser trimmed resistors gives the SPC-PSDs
maximum precision, high reliability and small size. The overall size of the
devices are only 20.5 x 20.5 mm2 and they come with surface mount leads
and a D263 glass window.

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